Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we go to check-in?
Camp check-in for ALL camps will be in the Capital Athletics & Events Center. Overnight campers will also reside in one of the halls on campus in Schaaf Hall  (see the Capital Campus map). There will be signs with directions and you can drop off your campers along Mound Street. After checking in to receive your key (for overnight campers), you will check in at the same area for the volleyball camp. There are a limited number of doubles (2 people to a room) and multiple singles. We will do our best to accommodate all roommate requests. You may be assigned a roommate at registration if you have not already requested one.
Where do the sessions take place?
The volleyball sessions will be held in the Capital Athletics and Events Center. There will be an athletic trainer on site during all sessions and water will be provided for the campers.
Where do the campers eat?
All meals for OVERNIGHT resident campers will be provided for in the Main Dining Room or catered in. There are also vending machines available in the dormitory. The first meal that will be served is dinner on July 21. You are responsible for your own lunch on Friday.

For Communters: You are responsible for your own lunch on Friday. Dinner on Friday, Lunch and Dinner Meals on Saturday and Lunch on Sunday will be provided for Commuters.
What should I pack?
Comfortable workout clothes, T-shirts, shorts, socks, volleyball shoes, kneepads, water bottle, sleepwear, towel, etc.

Alarm clock, toilet/personal items, a small radio is OK (no large stereo units), etc. We do not recommend you bring expensive valuables during your short visit as they could get lost.

Overnight Campers MUST provide their own: PILLOW, BLANKET, BED LINEN, and TOWELS. The beds are extra long twins, and most people bring sleeping bags or flat sheets. The dormitory is NOT air-conditioned, so if you would like to, you may bring a portable fan.
Will my daughter’s room have a refrigerator, TV, phone?
There are no phones, televisions or refrigerators in the rooms. There are lounge areas with televisions in the dorms that the campers may use between sessions.
How are keys issued?
One room key will be issued per camper.  For security purposes, the building access cards will only be issued to camp staff that will be with the campers at all times. This is the only mode of entry into the dorms. The keys must be returned. A fee of up to $125 will be charged for each key that is originally issued and not returned at the time of check out.
How are the campers supervised?
Staff members reside in the dorms with the campers, usually 4-8 staff counselors are responsible per floor. Discipline problems (curfews, rules & regulations) are handled by calling the parent immediately, no matter the hour! Campers must travel in pairs and counselor supervised visits around campus are allowed during free time.
How are the campers transported?
Campers will walk from dorms to the Capital Athletics and Events Center which is about a 3-minute walk. They are supervised by camp counselors.
Is there a camp store with equipment available for purchase?
There will be apparel to purchase: Shirts, shorts, hoodies, headbands, spandex, etc.
Does my daughter need additional spending money?
You may want to bring additional spending money for ordering snacks, pizza, or shopping on campus. There are also coin operated laundry facilities in the dorms and you may want to bring detergent if you wish to do laundry.
What if my daughter is staying for both camps?
If you are staying from July 20-23, you do not need to recheck in. Your meals in between the camps will be provided for.
Additional Information for Commuters:

Lounges will be available in the dorms for commuters to rest between sessions.

All campers must stay on campus for the entire duration of each day of camp.

Parents are welcome to come and watch competition during the morning and afternoon session on Sunday after 11am.

Hub Volleyball Camps        585-307-9679
Hub Camp Fax         614-236-6178
Capital University Police        614-236-6666

If you have any additional questions regarding registration,
airport pick up, hotels, campus etc. please feel free to contact:

Camp Director: Amanda Hubbard
Office Phone    614-236-6918
Cell Phone    585-307-9679



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